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This past year, the Mix It Up at Lunch was a major success in all schools that tried it. As far as I’m concerned, this activity should not be restricted to a school-wide lunchtime encounter once a year, but is something that can easily be used–with minor modifications–in every classroom as both a classroom management tool and, more specifically perhaps, a teaching tool. I said so in this blog when re-blogging Teaching Tolerance’s “How to Seat Students” back in October of 2011. The whole point is to get students–ones who would not normally make an effort to talk to each other–to get to know each other through a structured discussion. In some ways, that makes this activity a school-wide application of classroom-based collaborative learning techniques.

Specifically, however, the intent of Mix It Up at Lunch is to break down the walls of intolerance through discussion on about a safe topic in a safe environment. I loved the idea of it when it was first publicized, and I continue to love the idea of it today. It’s an activity every school should try, at least one day a year every year. Even if we can dispel some of today’s hate myths, there will always be new ones to address.

So let your school become part of the solution toward ending hate. Click on this link and get your school involved. Add Your School | Teaching Tolerance.

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