National Education Leaders: Shared Vision for the Next Generation of Teaching

Document Outlines 7 Elements Needed to Transform Teaching

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says, “The principles outlined in the document represent ways to strengthen and elevate teaching as one of our nation’s most valued and respected professions.”

The document apparently focuses on three main goals: 1) ensuring all students are challenged to meet a high bar that prepares them for college, career, and citizenship; 2) narrowing the opportunity and access gap between more and less privileged populations of students; and, 3) preparing all students to be globally competitive

Here are the seven core principles that make up the elements of achieving these goals. They include

  • A culture of shared responsibility and leadership;
  • Recruiting top talent into schools prepared for success;
  • Continuous growth and professional development;
  • Effective teachers and principals;
  • A professional career continuum with competitive compensation;
  • Conditions that support successful teaching and learning; and
  • Engaged communities

Find the link to the document from which this data came by clicking on the link below:

National Education Leaders Release Shared Vision for the Next Generation of Teaching During the 2012 Labor Management Conference | U.S. Department of Education.

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“Common Core Makes Waves” in Education

The Common Core State Standards have been designed to standardize educational content across the nation. So far, these standards have been accepted by 46 states, and are apparently close in the rest. Yet, the standards are suddenly under attack by ALEC, a conservative political group that believes so strongly in limiting government that it is willing to attack the one sure way to ensure equal educational quality across all US schools. The blog author ends this post with the following questions:

What do the standards symbolize that is so important? What should the public know about Common Core if they are to make an informed judgment about them?

I’d like answers, too.

via Common Core Makes Waves – Education Experts – Education Experts.

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Teacher Mind Map


Click on this link for a really mind-blowing mind map on teaching and learning.

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