Making the Most of Connected Educator Month | Edutopia

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan declared it; Edutopia is following up in full force. Find out about how Edutopia can help you get the most our of Connected Educator Month!

Making the Most of Connected Educator Month | Edutopia.



Teaching Teachers about Technology

Since it is officially “Connected Educators Month,” as declared by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, I thought I would share an item from Edutopia that I came across earlier today. It is a blog about getting teachers “into” technology. the blogger the director of instructional technology for a school district in Colorado, and discusses her “take-aways”  from a conference she attended. Read on.

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Free Webinars for Teacher Personal Professional Development

The summer break is only half over. You still have time to add to your online teaching skills by participating in free professional development webinars, following bloggers specializing in virtual teaching, and participating in the Back-to-School Olympics.

Click over to the following blog from Virtual School Meanderings to learn more.

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