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Hi, and welcome! I'm Dr. Ellie. I have a doctorate in educational psychology. For over 13 years, I taught middle school level special education, reading, and social studies. My special education specialties include learning, behavioral, and emotional challenges. For 12 years, I taught at the post-secondary level, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. My main area of university teaching is research and educational psychology, and I consult on dissertation methods and analysis. Most recently, I was a mentor of doctoral learners at the University of Phoenix. Currently, I am residing in the country of St. Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean, where I have become involved in special education consulting. Hobbies include reading (especially reading and critiquing young adult fiction), quilting, and crochet. I also enjoy walking, art museums, great music (from classical to contemporary), and exploring new local places. I love photography, and am trying my hardest to become a passable picture snapper.

Virtual School Marks First Student Graduation | Digital Learning Now

Found this site through WordPress blogger mkbnl (http://virtualschooling.wordpress.com/)

Who says digital schools aren’t “real schools?” Not all military family kids have access to nearby schools. Virtual schools help bring the classroom to the student. Personally, I think virtual schools are viable possibilities for many students–not just military kids–such as students who are home-bound due to disabilities or illnesses, students who have trouble functioning in physical school environments, children who have incredibly long bus rides to school, and even home-schooled students. But don’t take my word for it. Read on!

Virtual School Marks First Student Graduation | Digital Learning Now.

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What adults can learn from kids « elketeaches

This is a reblog of today’s post from elketeaches. One of my favorite quotes is

Kids already do a lot of learning from adults and we have a lot to share. I think that adults should start learning from kids.

How true!

What adults can learn from kids « elketeaches.

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Repost: Pondering Podcasts « Miss D

My last post gave a link to a great site that can stimulate education through technology. The link came to me by way of a post from Miss D, another education blogger. In the blog post below, Miss D gives some other excellent resources to explore as she explores. Read on!

Pondering Podcasts « Miss D.

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