About the Author

Hi, and welcome!

I’m Dr. Ellie.

I have a doctorate in educational psychology. For over 13 years, I taught middle school level special education, reading, and social studies. My special education specialties include learning, behavioral, and emotional challenges. I have also taught middle school reading and social studies.

In addition, I have taught at the post-secondary level, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. My main area of university teaching is in various methods of research (quantitative, qualitative, survey, mixed methods, and overview). Other classes I have taught include statistics, educational leadership, curriculum, and diversity.

Currently, I teach part-time for the University of Phoenix, School for Advanced Studies, which is the doctoral program in leadership.

In my spare time, I consult on dissertations, particularly methods and analysis. However, I also work with some students through the entire dissertation process. Additionally, I conduct workshops and evaluations for schools and school programs. For more information on those activities, please visit my web site, EMiller Education Consulting.

Hobbies include reading–especially young adult fiction–quilting, and crochet. I also enjoy walking, art museums, great music (from classical to contemporary), and exploring new local places. I love photography, and am trying my hardest to become a passable picture snapper. So far, I’m hopeless! Hopefully, I’m better at keeping you informed about what is happening in education and how I feel about it.

So that’s me, short and sweet (which almost perfectly describes me, too!).

Please enjoy reading my blog. If you have comments, questions, or a suggestion for a blog topic, please let me know at emiller@emillereducation.com .


Dr. Ellie