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The following blog post has caused me to wonder about many things, but the teaching of critical thinking skills–or rather its lack–makes me wonder about the future of our public educational system. Although the author discusses other topics related to education in his post, it’s the critical thinking that caught my eye–mostly because critical thinking is so important in every aspect of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Without critical thinking, can there be true creative thinking? Is there any aspect of learning–and life in general–that is not affected by thinking critically about something? Remember, critical thinking does not mean we look for the negative in everything; it means we weigh pros and cons, think about the past, and plan for the future, among other things.

Take a few minutes to click over to the blog below. See if you there are other aspects of education that you think are more important for the general well-being of American society. Then think about whether or not we should be judging a teacher’s ability to teach on his/her ability to teach to the test and to teach test-taking skills instead of just teach for learning with a bit of practice in taking state tests.

Enough said on this topic for now. I’ll return to it at another time. Meanwhile, read on.

Educators Need to Discuss and Learn…? « My Island View.

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