Welcome to my new site!



If you are a returning reader, thanks for being patient and following me to this new site. Welcome back! and please accept my apologies for letting the old site lapse. I hope you weren’t hoping to re-read some of the posts, because they are all gone. I tried to recover, but recovery is not possible if there is no backup file! Ah, live and learn!! So I’m starting again with a new look and a new blogging tool. 

If you are new to my site, I hope you keep coming back. Each post is on a different topic in education. Please feel free to get involved in the discussion through the comments area. Give your point of view; share a story; give an example; ask a question. And if you want to say something privately, send me an email! 

Since I’ve blogged with WordPress in the past, and since there are educational posts there, I’ll just re-blog those posts so there’s more here than just this welcome. I’m almost pleased that my old site got blasted, as it was not easy to keep track of what I was blogging where. I’ll be doing all my education blogging and discussion from here now. 

Time to get back to work on blogging about topics of interest to educators!


Dr. Ellie