And What Should Teaching Be?

Our teaching should be engaging. That doesn’t mean we have to entertain; it means we need to maintain movement in our classrooms.

Last night, I watched a segment on 60 minutes that featured a former-Wall-Street-pundit-turned-online-tutor. What started out as just helping his niece grew into a nice little  non-profit organization to help students learn–in and out of classrooms!

That reminded me of this little project I came across on YouTube several months ago. It basically captures my ideas of what teaching is–or at least, what it should be.

Watch, enjoy, and prepare for the future…

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Schools We Can Envy — How the Finns Do It

Finland appears to be doing something right with its schools. Might the USA learn something by studying the Finnish model?

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Review of 2 Books on School Improvement: How and How Not…

Here is a great article from the New York Times Review of Books. It reviews two books with rather different approaches to improving our schools and education. Read the review and then decide which book you would buy.

The Review Article

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