Children Reading and Learning

Young children love to read — or to be read to, if they are very young. We want them to enjoy reading because it is mostly through reading that they learn about other people, places, activities, and customs. After a few years in school, however, many begin shying away from books.

Although it’s important to learn why an individual child has learned to dislike reading (due, for example, to learning disability, vision problems, or no opportunity to practice), the purpose of this blog is not to address those issues directly. Think of this blog as being a “Dear Abby” for helping parents and teachers to come up with fresh ideas and activities for coaxing children and teens to read.

Topics will include book suggestions, activites to draw a child’s interest, activities to help our child improve reading skills, comprehension exercises, social interaction examples, and virtually anything that might help your child become an excellent and enthusiastic reader.

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